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Timeline Post by roderick_douglas

December 24, 2021

I have right now did everything with actually seen enough to completely already stopped the criminal offense rate to go up and then abruptly I must have a newly purchased Smart Cellphone and a new pair of tennis running shoe’s and I am right now in progress sitting outside on the front of the Best […]

Timeline Post by alqawiyys

August 26, 2021

Wow! Where do I begin. I’ll start at the time I was beginning to lose my mind. But I didn’t. “No Ceilings” got Me through. My favs are ‘thats all I have, and ice cream paint job. I can freestyle (dance and rhyme). I can sing. Back in ATL I was I n the entertainment […]

Timeline Post by Charles_Dam

June 21, 2020

I love you, but your being ignorant of others problems. Just because its been good with you doesn’t mean everyone. 90% of cops are good. But people forget about the 10%. Ive met both. Cops thay helped and cops that wanted to kill me. And I look white despite being half native  I hear shit […]

Timeline Post by ProjectBeautif4

February 23, 2019

Please share my page& follow my organization helping those diagnosed with HIV never give up, to realize they aren’t alone, to know it’s normal to be scared, but to keep going& to don’t think you are ugly..your not! Your still the same person as before, Beautiful!